New:  "Would You Happen to Know the Way to Cloone?" by James Rogers has been published by Grotesque Quarterly.

Last summer:
"Maguire's Hardware & Grocery" by James Rogers was published by The First Line.

Read the 2016 M J MacManus award winning story by James Rogers: The Ball
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One-O-Seven: And a novel set partly in Ireland and partly in New York.

Martin has recently returned to Leitrim to look after his ageing grandfather. He’s not asking for much in life. A few pints on a Sunday afternoon. A bit of peace to watch the soccer. To be able to make a pot of tea without the old man complaining about the way he’s boiling the water. He’d like his wife back. And his dead mother to leave him alone and quit sitting on the end of the bed in the small hours of the morning.
    She’d died years earlier under mysterious circumstances, something Martin didn’t like to dwell on, though he’d sometimes hear the neighbours whisper about the old man. “Sure it wouldn’t be the first time he done someone in.”
    Now all of a sudden she’s back. Back in the place where she was never made feel welcome. Turning on lights and opening doors and scattering sods of turf across the kitchen floor. Martin feels like running. Back to New York and the bartending where things might be crazy but at least they make sense. Away from silent wives, cantankerous grandfathers and mothers who don’t know how to stay dead. He finds himself in doubt, no longer so sure of his atheism, returning to the church he spent so much time in as a boy, even having a mass said in the house.
    But the mass doesn't help. She stubbornly remains in place. Martin needs a break. He visits his brother in New York and considers staying. When he returns, he takes to staying late in the pub, neglecting the old man until it’s almost too late. Finally he realises what it is his mother wants, and out of that realisation comes the truth, about what really happened between her and his grandfather.

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My science fiction-fantasy novel, Flight of the Eternal Emperor

After years spent roaming the galaxy, Arnelius returns home to Earda. He is surprised to find his old adversary, Destlar, sitting upon the throne. His hopes that the powerful magician might have gained wisdom with age, that he might have learned to suppress his sadistic impulses, are quenched by the destruction of an ancient city and its people. Disappointment turns to horror when Arnelius realises the galaxy and beyond will soon be subjected to the Emperor's madness. He decides to act. However, conventional attacks prove worse than useless against the invincible magician.
    Centuries pass, Earda's temperatures drop, ice encroaches from the poles. Will death finally claim the Eternal Emperor? Is Arnelius willing to sacrifice an entire planet, in order to save countless more? Is there no other way?
    Then a new world is discovered. A space craft is secretly dispatched. Aboard is Jeseque, a lonely and unhappy woman.  Jeseque is ready to betray her crewmates rather than allow the Emperor to expand his hegemony.  But unexpectedly she falls in love with Ferist, her fellow enginner and willing accomplice.
    Will their treachery be discovered? Will the ship provide an escape route for the Emperor, or is it a trap?

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